Brenda Franklin

Every story has a moment when it begins. Andrew and Brenda, A+B. He was on a train in London; she was tucked in for the night in Snoqualmie. She whispered into the night, “OK Cupid, pull your bow…”

One year later we were married at Glenapp Castle in Scotland. For the rest of the story, let’s have coffee.  I’d love to hear your story too. It is my passion to be your storyteller.

"Andrew brought home to the spectacularly beautiful and quiet life of Apple Tree Cove in Kingston. I building my community in Bainbridge Island. I am excited to meet my new friends here and keep my cherished relationships in the 425." -Brenda

Brenda’s work is displayed in fine homes around the world. Her portraits are intentionally designed in a consultation to truly understand the people, relationships, style, story and purpose.  Wall portraits work in the home with the décor and make the most personal work of art as a focal point. In the design consultation specific questions are asked that when put together give a vision of what the perfect portrait would look like before starting. With the vision in mind we put the plan in place to create it. 

With 23 years experience you will have no worries of what the results will be. You will love your portraits. With time they become more valuable. We know what these will mean to you then so we put the right attention to detail and caring into creating it right now. We want you to see yourself, your loved ones and your real relationship.